[Audiobook] “The Negotiator in You: In Life” by Joshua Weiss

How can you get the most out of every interaction? How can you improve skills that you already possess, and spark those that you never knew? Joshua Weiss would lead you to believe in a simple term: negotiation. In his Negotiator in You series, Weiss desires, through brief audio CDs (about a half hour each), to teach you the artful skill of negotiation.

What can one learn? For starters, negotiation is the interaction between two or more people by agreement. It is not sacrifice/compromise. Rather, it is finding mutually beneficial terms for both parties to get what they want. And if that isn’t possible, then the parties mutually agree to find better solutions elsewhere. That is negotiation, and I learned it from just five minutes of Weiss’ audio CD.

Weiss promises to teach listeners the fundamental skills of negotiation in life. He has been teaching courses and counseling (holding a Ph.D) for some time, and has recently explored sharing his work via the digital and electronic age. Narrating his own research, Weiss’ narration bears the uncanny resemblance of a primary care physician, reminding me of sitting in a doctor’s office learning about a condition.

His passion for negotiation is key, but his excitement gets him talking too fast at times. It sounds as if he spoke rapidly into an audio recorder, slowed it down on the computer, and hit “publish.” This premature quality is balanced with a smooth inflection and an easier text to listen to and follow. It seems like I should be watching an 80s instructional video, however, and my distracted mind isn’t able to give Weiss’ work the attention he says it deserves.

I would give this audio book three stars, average, for both content and quality.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.