[Audiobook] “The Vanishing Face of Gaia” by James Lovelock

This audiobook edition is narrated by Simon Vance

Gaia is best defined, by the book, as the Earth’s biosphere behaving as if it as a single organism. Rather, Gaia suggests that our planet of life is really one interconnected living planet. This book establishes the assertion that we are part of this Gaia, and examines the implications thereof. Using the evolutionary theory as fact, Lovelock asserts global warming as a response attack from Gaia to our disastrous ways of living. Additionally, tsunamis of recent news are attributed as a warning shot as well.

Lovelock, in his book, warns of looming dangerous climate change, and demands the world consider a spirit of sacrifice to live “greener” for Gaia. Written similar to a scientific journal / personal diary, this book is designed to teach and connect with readers. Is it true? Some would say yes, and some would be, for lack of a better word, flabbergasted by the suggestions made in this text.

Vance’s narration is clear with a sustained voice. There are moments when it feels like his voice falters slightly, but it can be summed as an active method to sound more like the author. Reading at a medium to fast pace (closer to fast than medium), this solid narration is easy to understand and inviting to the personal life of the author. It matches the text well. Despite the controversy behind the material, the narration can’t be argued or dismissed as less than excellent.

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