[Audiobook] “Things I Want to Punch in the Face” by Jennifer Worick

This audiobook edition is narrated by Rebecca Gibel.

This book, by Worick, isn’t a new venture. Rather, it’s a well-tread trail, via her blog of the same name. Simply put, this book is a simple gripe session. To put it best, I find it easier (this time, at least) to repeat the words from the Publisher:

A humor book inspired by the blog of the same name, Things I Want to Punch in the Face means: 1) a humorous way to convey annoyance or frustration over those little things in life that bug; 2) petty peeves warranting a tongue-in- cheek lashing but involving no physical retribution, 3) an expression made wildly popular by the blog, Things I Want to Punch in the Face. Synonyms: chap your hide, get your goat, rub the wrong way. Antonyms: make out with, love so much you should marry it, float your boat, blow your skirt up

That said, it really does it not enough justice. However, I don’t necessarily recommend the blog itself. Like this book, the blog also carries its fair amount of crass and vulgar language. This book would fit well with those living in Portlandia, as it matches not just their level of weird, but also their ability to view things without intervention by the P.C. police.

So how is the audio, then? Is the audio edition an improvement over the print? If I wanted to make commission, I’d flat out lie here. After all, the SG Store only carries the print edition. But let’s be honest. After all, that’s something I do particularly well and don’t plan on messing my streak up over a few cents. So, does this mean the audio is better? I have to say that Gibel does a great job bringing this text to life. She is quick to the beat and makes this book not an audio edition, but rather an audio experience. Much like watching a comedy routine, this audio edition offers more laughs than its silent component. That lone makes the audio better, but not necessarily more convenient. So, readers, it’s your call…Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.