[Audiobook] “When the Body Says No” by Gabor Maté

This audiobook is narrated by Daniel Maté.

This audiobook is about the stress disease connection. What is stress causing? Focusing on several different issues, Gabor discusses the inability of Western medicine to treat issues such as irritable bowel syndrome and fibromyalgia, in so much that it is not an issue, but a symptom. The diagnosis of exclusion that is often provided suggests an innate distrust of the patient’s story, and treatment that never brings healing or health.

Daniel’s narration is excellent, as always. His solid, well-paced (medium to fast) reading works with his clear dictation and on-par inflection. Matching Gabor’s intended voice, Daniel transforms the text into an interactive and awakening medical conference. With such an artful display, even the words that would be dreary simply are not. This audiobook is recommended not just off Daniel’s talent, however, but also the material.

My wife and I have learned from this audiobook. She had to have her gallbladder removed, and was subsequently diagnosed with IBS for her phantom pains. No medical diagnosis has been able to help, but only scares. This material that Gabor provides and Daniel presents gives hope – not just for those in the text, and not just for my family, but for everyone else out there who needs to know what the real issue is…

If you are interested in owning the audio edition of this title, please visit Post Hypnotic Press. Otherwise, the print edition is available in the SG Store.

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