[Audiobook] “Wrecked” by Jeff Goins

This audiobook edition is narrated by the author.

This book is about when a broken world slams into your comfortable life. The foreword is by Michael Hyatt, current chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers, active blogger, and former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. When he writes a foreword for a book, you better believe he considers it worthwhile to read. Hyatt fully supports Goins’ writing and concept, considering him a friend and a genius at blogging and social media. The purpose of this book? Being comfortable is not enough…

Not written to be overwhelming or guilt-tripping, this book is designed for you to need to step out of your comfort zone and don the courage to change. This book is to call us to be wrecked for Christ, essentially. This book is a call to action to live a fulfilling yet sacrificial life that we are called to live, and does require change to implement. But based off what Hyatt has to say, it’s a change we all need to take.

The audio is narrated by the author, which means that we have the chance to get a feel for how he truly intended the text to be vocalized. Bringing the text to life, Goins uses his imagery well, to match his voice, and allows the read to immerse themselves into the material and absorb all that there is. At a medium to fast pace, Goins’ narration matches the writing superbly, making this audiobook an audio experience.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.