“Authentic Living” by Richard Exley

Authentic Living: 365 Devotions for Deliberate FaithAuthentic Living: 365 Devotions for Deliberate Faith by Richard Exley
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This book is a daily devotional written for the fast-paced busy individual that struggles to find the time to dedicate to spiritual improvement. The author hits it on the nose when he argues that believers walk in two lives – the physical realm and the spiritual realm, and that balancing the two can often be quite challenging. In this book, the author challenges the reader to live an authentic life, both spiritually and physically. Each devotional entry includes input from the author to help the reader learn what the author considers a spiritual truth, a related Scripture verse, and a scripted prayer that is in line with the discussion of that day. Quick and simple, these devotions are modeled for application in our current world. The devotions cover conversion, faith, forgiveness, guidance, prayer, adversity, suffering, grief, and eternal life. The devotions tend to follow a theme for several days to help the reader learn more about the theme and apply it to their life, which is a great departure from many devotions currently on the market.

The devotion is designed to start with the new year, so readers will need to adjust their reading schedule or application if not starting it in the beginning of the year. When reading the book, I actually read a couple of devotions before realizing that they were separated. While a printed version many be different than the digital ARC I received, the point is that the devotions are brief in content, and definitely something that can be achieved in literally less than a minute. For those looking on how to use a devotion that will help them and is easy to actually follow through with, this is a more realistic resolution to set, and keep, compared to other options.

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