“The Bard and the Bible” by Bob Hostetler

The Bard and the Bible: A Shakespeare DevotionalThe Bard and the Bible: A Shakespeare Devotional by Bob Hostetler
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This devotion draws from the author’s passion of both the King James translation of the Bible and William Shakespeare’s works. Written in just a way to help the reader learn more of the Bible and Shakespeare concurrently, the audience will find this devotion separated by the calendar year dates, beginning with January 1. Each devotion starts with a title, a quote from one of Shakespeare’s works, and a Bible verse that the author has identified as running parallel with the passage from Shakespeare. The “devotional” part of the daily reading educates the reader on Shakespeare, with just a tidbit each day, making each day’s reading about a page long. The reading concludes with questions and facts aimed to enhance the daily portion.

The author’s goal in this is to show the similarities between the Bard and the Bible, hence the title of this work, and he succeeds in this endeavor. Each devotion educates more on the Bard in an effort to promote Shakespearean literacy and appreciation in his audience. The author’s writing is not in iambic pentameter, so there are no worries about readability – the book itself is quite easy to understand. This book is best described as a cross between a Bible devotion and a mini literature course, with the content being driven on being devoted more to the Bard and the Bible.

The thematic usage of Shakespeare holds great promise for the work, but the author does lean a little too much on promoting Shakespeare over Scripture, making this less a Bible devotional and more a William Devotional, with scant references to Scripture throughout. Those who enjoy Shakespeare and history will love this work, but readers do well to remember this book is not a true Bible devotion.

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