“Be Rebellious” by Megan Clinton

Be Rebellious: Fight Back Against A Culture That Doesn't Care About YouBe Rebellious: Fight Back Against A Culture That Doesn’t Care About You by Megan Clinton

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Megan Clinton, graduate of Liberty University, writes “Be Rebellious” with the intention of reaching out to, and changing, the American culture of women and what they believe it means to be beautiful or worthy. She challenges the concept that beauty is all about empty sex and meaningless seduction. She argues that life is more than these deceptions of our culture and the American philosophy. She targets the fallacies that Hollywood presents to keep everyone enslaved to false beauty and need. And she’s right.

In her book, Clinton writes with a voice that will capture the reader’s heart and draw them in, helping them recognize their own insecurities and conquer them in the name of Christ. Written by a woman to women, this book is inspiring and challenging, forcing other women to encounter their own doubts and struggles in the mirror, and walk away victorious instead of beaten down.

Clinton writes with an authenticity that will challenge readers to be motivated to change their lives. With her transparent approach combined with statistical information, Clinton aims to change the culture of what it means to be a woman from suicide and depression to one of joy and self respect. That’s the goal of her book, and she fights it head on. When the Hollywood image of beauty is what the control is, Clinton, and her readers, have no choice but to be rebellious against it, and reclaim the essence of being a woman in Christ. To top it off, Clinton shares the experiences of real individuals who took the campaign to be rebellious only in the midst of great conflict.

Are you in? Are you ready to fight back against the system that doesn’t care about you?

For being a guy, I found this book worth a read, so imagine how much better it would be to its intended audience…for that, I give it 5 stars. With an important message, and style of writing that flows well and engages the reader, Clinton’s book is a necessary read for women facing insecurity or being hung up on Hollywood’s message of beauty…

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