“Bedtime Snuggles” by Patricia Reeder Eubank

Bedtime SnugglesBedtime Snuggles by Patricia Reeder Eubank
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Not far away, there lies a small red barn and a family farm. On that farm, a plethora of baby animals and their moms gather to sleep for the night. The storybook shares each picture with ornate traditional childrens art, leading to the culimination picture of the toddler resting in the mom’s arms, with the room filled with toys that represent all the farm animals just outside. The letter blocks spell “bedtime snuggles,” which is the title of the book. In and of itself, this book is a sweet bedtime tale for children to snuggle with their moms.

Perhaps, however, that is the single issue with the title – there are no dads present. Worthy Kids publishes the book, a well-known Christian publisher. Their decision to fund the book is logical, and the author’s decision to focus on moms is most likely not intentional toward dads, but in modern society where roles are quickly changing and it is being recognized that many dads fill the role of moms (and there is nothing wrong with that), this book feels out of place. This is something an editor should have caught and brought up, as one would hate to consider the author not including any father figures intentionally.

This book is just like many others out there – there is nothing new in this title and many similar books already adorn the children’s bookshelves. What would be nice to see, however, is one including fathers in this role as well. Perhaps then there would be another book worth adding to the shelf…

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