“For Better or for Kids” by Patrick & Ruth Schwenk

For Better or for Kids: A Vow to Love Your Spouse with Kids in the HouseFor Better or for Kids: A Vow to Love Your Spouse with Kids in the House by Patrick Schwenk
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Marriage can be difficult, but marriage with kids is a whole new dimension. Where one has learned to be an adult and do adult life, when one becomes a parent, their childhood visits not in a manner of controlling adult life, but rather influencing child-rearing. This can put a strain on the marriage relationship, just as well as having these legal terrorists running around the house can be more than enough to push someone beyond their ability to cope. This book seeks to help husband and wife learn to love their spouse even with kids in the house. I never really had the opportunity to have marriage with my wife without kids in the house, as we are a blended family, but there are some categories that I can definitely say are legitimate in this book, such as the challenge of sex with the wife with kids in the house. Also, we tend to have our own parenting styles, which the book points out the importance of parenting together. Essentially, this book is a selection of thirteen main points for couples to consider and work through when facing kids in the marriage.

This book no doubt has benefit for many couples, otherwise there would be no need for it to be written. As I already indicated, my experience has not left me with learning how to balance pre-kid marriage with kid-based marriage. Then again, I suspect my struggles will be post-kid with the empty nest, since much of our marriage has been based off being a family unit together. Nevertheless, the authors (a couple) write well with one another, playing off each other’s comments and creating what would seem to be a joint counseling session at some parts. These types of books do well with giving both perspectives, and help out greatly. Readers will appreciate the availability of the authors in the work and how they share from their own life experiences to each how to be for better or for kids…

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