“Biblical Counseling and the Church” by Bob Kellemen

Biblical Counseling and the Church: God's Care Through God's PeopleBiblical Counseling and the Church: God’s Care Through God’s People by Bob Kellemen
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This work features a variety of authors that contribute to the work of helping share HaShem’s care through His people. Paul Tripp, a notable author and theologian, is only one of many that have contributed to this work. This work is divided into five main parts: (i) a counseling vision for the church, (ii) biblical counseling and small group ministries, (iii) biblical counseling and conflict resolution, (iv) equipping biblical counselors, and (v) biblical counseling in regard to outreach. In all, the book recognizes the role the church plays, or needs to play, in effective biblical counseling at every level of organization and seeks to equip leaders with the tools they need for success, as well as the knowledge of how to best apply biblical counseling in every scenario. Included are two appendices, which are a confessional statement and a doctrinal statement, to help churches best integrate biblical counseling while retaining the “biblical” part of the counseling.

As is usual with works that are penned by many authors, it is difficult to comment on the voice of the book and how readers will engage with the authors. What can be said, however, is that this book clearly outlines itself as a work best suited for lay leaders or ministry professionals and to train them as well as give them a necessary toolset for their role in biblical counseling. In a world that is increasingly needing love and counseling to learn what love really is every day, this book finds itself as a great companion to help effectively answer questions and introduce change for the better.

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