“Big Beliefs!” David R. Helm

Big Beliefs!: Small Devotionals Introducing Your Family to Big TruthsBig Beliefs!: Small Devotionals Introducing Your Family to Big Truths by David R. Helm
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This book is a selection of devotions to help families learn big truths in bite-sized sessions. There are seven parts to the book, with each part having a collection of lessons relevant to the assigned part. Thus, for the section on the Church, there are lessons on: (i) the Church, (ii) communion, (iii) sacraments, (iv) baptism, (v) L-rd’s Supper, (vi) discipline, and (vii) synods and councils. The book approaches all of the content from a Presbyterian theology, with the original intention of this work to be based off the Westminster Confession of Faith and designed for Holy Trinity Church in Chicago. Since then, the work spread to a wide-reaching devotional title. The work is designed to be taken in as three family devotions per week with a short reading of the Bible passage to children that is associated with the devotion. The concept is to teach on the passage with short points and retain an “interaction and reflection” time as a family.

Each lesson is broken into smaller components that are easy to digest. The first part is the biblical passage for the family to read aloud. The second part is a brief lesson and application of the material. The third part, Interaction & Reflection, engages the family to consider what is being taught and how it can apply to one’s life, as well as a broader application in a modern environment. It is followed up with an encouraged prayer point to finish the lesson. Families that are part of this church or party of the larger association of synods will appreciate this work and its beneficial role to the Presbytery. Outside of this denomination, some content will be applicable to Christianity as a whole, and other content will be eliminated from use as a result. Overall, it is beneficial devotion for those that wish to learn more about the Presbyterian method, but beyond that, there are a score of other devotionals I would recommend first.

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