101 Bible Adventures by Carolyn Larson


This book is definitely designed for youth. It is a traditional softback book with a glossy cover, and has designs to attract the parents to the book, such as the Indiana Jones theme throughout that youth today are generationally separate from. Each chapter has a title of the chapter and a summary of what the child will learn in that chapter (each chapter is only two pages long as well). Then the Scripture for that Bible lesson is presented, in chronological order, in New Living Translation, which is a heavy paraphrase excellent for children to learn from.

After the Scripture portion is presented, there is a “key” with a key verse for the child to learn or take away from the material. On the right side (page two) there is a picture with a caption, as well as an action point.

While it overall sounds great for kids, to me it is propaganda by the author. I’m thrilled to see a child’s Bible study book and hope that my son would be interested, but I’m afraid that it is just too opinionated and disrespectful. I am all for humor, but changing the actual events of the Bible is just not right. It’s called revisionism, and is dangerous to society. This book, priced at $12.99 retail (seems it should be better priced at $4.99), is taking advantage of consumerism for kids and marketing a slanted point of view, providing political/consumer opinions in the comics, as well as mocking certain biblical events and including irreverent humor.

SG does not recommend this book at this time. If a revised edition appeared with less manipulative material, then I would be all for giving it five stars. However, at this time, even though the revisionism is minor, I cannot in good ethics recommend a book with said material. It is setting children up for the mass media of pro-abortion, anti-religion, and disrespect to elders.

You can find this book in the SG Store if you still wish to acquire it, but I am not impressed. At three it is a fair age to use, but once children understand the material presented, perhaps a better, more biblical, model is necessary…Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.