“101 Questions to Ask Before You Get Remarried” by H. Norman Wright

Did you know that the divorce rate for remarriages is higher than the divorce rate for first-time marriages?

It’s a scary thing to think about, and truth be told, the statistics for Christian couples are no different. Wright came out with this book for this exact reason – to help those who have been divorced or widowed prepare for success in their next covenant endeavor. This book is not necessarily a “how to” solution book, but a preparatory book on what to do, or specifically, what to ask, before getting remarried.

The questions presented are from Wright’s years as a resource for Christian marital counseling, developed from marriage seminars, actual questions asked, and his own experience in remarriage. What people fail to realize is that the second marriage will be harder than the first and require more development. I’m learning this with my wife as we journey through it, and I do wish that we had this book as a resource back before we got married. Nevertheless, this book seems to promise much, and the cash-out depends solely on the reader’s investment and dedication to follow up and love.

Wright writes in a style that is easy to follow along with, but follows the tones of a seminar, which is easy to imagine, given his personal experience. This, paired with his frank discussion on the problems of remarriage (well, not so much remarriage, but lack of preparation of the couple), marks this book as an honest endeavor to fix the divorce rate for good. It’s worth checking out…

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