“28 Pages” by Allen Mitchum

This independent ebook is a semifinalist from the Best Indie Books of 2012 by The Kindle Book Reviews.

This thriller approaches the political and terrorist-related controversy around 9/11 in a fresh and disturbing way. Could 9/11 have been a coverup? Perhaps there is a dangerous plot by jihadists in the works? Reeling over her sister’s death, Heather Grahl doesn’t know what to do, except find out why her sister died, and who was responsible. When she pursues the matter, however, she finds she got more than she bargained for: her career, her life, and possibly the nation. Each step closer to uncovering the mystery leads one step further into the shadows, where Grahl discovers a dangerous secret that her sister died trying to bring to light. But what could it be?

Allen Mitchum contacted me to review his audio book, and provided digital reading copy for this purpose. Per terms of service, the reviews I provide are honest and up-front. So, when I say that this book has me impressed, I’m not lying. Mitchum’s work is impressive, as it should be. His experience with creative writing and being a practicing attorney matches Grahl’s knowledge of the legal arena. Mitchum seems to have been the perfect fit for such a thriller, and what all the other reviewers are saying is true: you don’t want to set the pixels down.

Readers will find this book an enticing read, and worth the expense. Well written with an easy flow, the material lives up to the hype, even gaining interest from those that tend to stray away from politics. It’s a breathtaking ride of mystery, conspiracy, and danger – primetime TV on a Kindle.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.