“77 FAQs About [G-d] and the Bible” by Josh & Sean McDowell

Do you have questions about G-d? What about the Bible? Truth be told, I believe that we all do.

The McDowell team have questions too. Instead of just sitting on their questions, though, they have published seventy-seven of the most common questions they could think of, complete with reasoned, Scripture-based answers. Consider it a brief introduction to Christian apologetics.

Reality is, however, and they admit this: we can never have all our questions answered. But that shouldn’t stop the attempt. This book is categorized based off the question type. There is a section for questions about G-d and a then a section of Bible-based questions. These questions are as simple as if it is okay to doubt G-d, what it means to consider the Bible inspired, etc., all the way to complex queries such as how to experience a personal relationship with G-d and the explanation about the composition and makeup of the Protestant Bible compared to the Catholic and Jewish Bibles.

I appreciate their effort. It is nice to come across a book that would be a good “starter guide” for new believers or those who just simply don’t know. That said, I personally found the answers to be as impressive of the questions. Simple questions get simple answers. Complex questions get complex answers. Overall, though, the questions didn’t get very deep. Perhaps that’s for a second volume, or more likely, to either refer you to the author’s other texts or to just read the Bible itself.

This book gets the job done. It takes 77 common questions and answers them. How well is for you to determine. But as for the subtitle, being your toughest questions answered, I don’t think it’s that good. Good, but not that good. So, while I wouldn’t own it personally because of my level of knowledge, I do recommend it for others. From Creation to Revelation, inspiration to interpretation, this book is a great introduction to theological depth and discourse.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.