“Adventures in Churchland” by Dan Kimball

This book is about discovering Christ in the mess of the church.

It’s been said that Jesus loves the church (in this book, elsewhere, and in the Bible). But do we? Kimball, in his book, looks at the church and its mess, and how it doesn’t seem to represent Christ. Historically, the church has been known to harbor hypocrites, judgments, contradictions and dogma. Historically, the church has been embarrassing, foolish, hateful, and full of scandals. Where is the love that Christ displays? The grace He harbors? The care He promises?

Kimball explores this issue in his book, in three sections: Churchland, Finding beauty in the mess, and Graceland. He defines Churchland as the evangelical Christian church and its subculture: music, language, codes of approval, and values. It almost sounds like a cult. How does one get from Churchland and oppression to Graceland and Christ? How do we view the Church the same way G-d views it? These are questions he addresses.

It’s about the age-old issue: “Lord, save me from your followers.” Instead of abandoning the Church, Kimball urges saving it and embracing it. Get involved – don’t run away. But how do we do that, and not lose ourselves? How do we live in Christ and invest in the institution? That’s a really good question…

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