“Big Book of Bible Answers” by Ron Rhodes

This book is a culmination of Rhodes’ work being a “Bible answer man.”

This book puts together all of Rhodes’ answers throughout the years into simple categories: questions about the Bible, questions about the Old & New Testaments, questions about G-d, questions about Y’shua, questions about humanity, questions about salvation, questions about angels and demons, questions about prophecy and the afterlife, questions about apologetic issues, and questions about ethics. Within each category lies the answers to a handful of questions that Rhodes felt were either commonly asked questions about the Christian faith or necessary issues to discuss today.

Reviewing his work, it is easy to follow with his reading, and feels much like the radio program that he admits to having participated with over the years. Rhodes does an excellent job at making his material inviting for believers of all levels, with easy terminology and discussion of theological implications. Those who loved his radio program, or even those who subscribe to programs like To Every Man An Answer, which is a similar show on the air today, will enjoy Rhodes’ work. Is it theologically sound? Much like other works, it can be difficult to weed out the issues. Some books are obviously incorrect, and I have had the duty to share such issues. But with books like this, it really takes the reader spending the time comparing the Scriptures with the book, as well as a wide variety of commentaries. On that note, this book is not a casual reading book or a primer on Christianity. It is a question and answer book, and only addresses the topics mentioned above. Keep that in mind when looking to the material, as each question is worth its own personal study for note comparison.

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