“Center Church” by Timothy Keller

This book is about doing balanced, gospel-centered ministry in your church.

This book takes a look at the Gospel, for one. It discusses how the Gospel isn’t everything and it isn’t simple, but it affects everything. Because of this, we need a Gospel renewal, and biblical contextualization must accompany it. From there, we must engage the culture with the Gospel, and become a missional community. Overall, this book suggests that perhaps an overhaul is needed on how we do church and why.

If our doctrinal foundations are considered, in computer terms (Keller’s, not mine) as hardware, and the ministry programs as software, then when a context or location is changed, the change needs to occur with middleware. Middleware is the software layer that is between software and hardware. In the church setting, it’s more practical than doctrinal beliefs but also more theological than “how to” steps for the ministry efforts. More or less, it is a vision. This vision defines the roles the church plays and how. It is this vision that needs to adjust to stay relevant – not the doctrine itself.

This is Keller’s goal in the book. Center Church outlines how one can keep their church relevant but still biblical, a resource to Christians and non-Christians alike, and active in the community without sacrificing its purpose or stance.

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