“Co-Parenting Works!” by Tammy Daughtry

Co-Parenting Works!: Helping Your Children Thrive After DivorceCo-Parenting Works!: Helping Your Children Thrive After Divorce by Tammy G. Daughtry

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Children rely on both parents to bring stability and security into their world, regardless of if one parent tackles a majority of the child-rearing or if it is equally shared. This is not an assertion in the book, it is a fact. But it is a premise, however, to how children need to be raised in the event of broken families…

“Children of divorce have one heart, but they live in two homes.”

Divorce destroys families. There is no doubt about this. Yet it happens nonetheless. Personally, I have had several run-ins with divorce. As a child, my parents divorced and it tore my life apart. There are still parts of my personality today that were forged by such a tragedy. Even in my own life, one of my worst fears happened: my first marriage ended in divorce. It was even harder on my son, 1.0, who was just over one year old at the time. Divorce strikes and destroys. That is why G-d hates it so much. Despite all of that, however, the purpose of the book is not to condemn those who are victims of divorce (which, contrary to what some may be thinking, is every party involved).

The purpose of this book is to help those who have been put in the worst imaginable position. Children of divorce are typically an ongoing victim, being crushed and obliterated by the battle that the ex-partners carry on for years to come. It does not have to be this way. The divorce between my mother and father was not a pretty one – the battle carried on for quite some time and it impacted my sister and I the worst. The benefit from it, however, is that I know how my son feels over the matter. I know how bad the struggle is for him, and I know who I need to be. It does not make it easy one bit. Actually, it makes it harder.

And perhaps for those in the middle, or even beginning, of a war with an ex-spouse, the battle needs to be harder for you too. Daughtry writes from experience, not solely those of battles, but also of peace. This book, written from a Christian perspective, challenges the reader to realize that they need to forge peace with their co-parents.

Regardless of if you are a single parent, a grandparent, remarried, etc., this book can teach you how to make things better for your children. It will not be easy, as the author promises. After all, this is not for the benefit of the parental units – it is for the benefit of the child. Once a child is born, they are the priority and the parent’s only purpose is to help their child grow into the man or woman that G-d designed them to be. Co-parenting works, when the parent stops focusing on them and turns to benefit the child.

So, in the words of the author…

“It’s not about you; it’s about your kids. It’s not about the past: it’s about your kids’ future.”

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