“Crushed” by J. Shan Young

Crushed  by J. Shan Young

This book is about a physician’s efforts to analyze how much pain the crucifixion medically caused Y’shua. 

The ebook edition of this title is best viewed in iBooks on on a Kindle Fire. Why is that? Young incorporates links, video, and cross references that simply would not work on an e-ink device. So, lucky for me, I am checking out a reviewer copy on my iPhone instead of Kindle. Young managed to put a significant amount of effort into this title, clocking in at over 400 pages for a Kindle (which translates to over 900 page on my little iPhone 5 display). But it’s not just that – each page is chock full of information. If one wanted to learn all they medically could about the passion of the Christ, then this book would be the best source imaginable for it. And for those theologians out there, it’s not just medically references, but Scripture annotations as well.

So, on to personal review notes. Young points out something interesting: Gibson’s 2004 depiction in theatres, so widely criticized for its extreme graphic nature, is not as violent as reality. I get the whole two-hour window limit, but that still sounds pretty darn painful for a real-life event. But that is real life. Gritty. Tormenting. Violent. Honest. Young, despite his degree and medical savvy, manages to present this book in a fashion that is both education and engaging. Writing is a simpler manner that allows the less knowledgeable to follow along, Young connections with his audience in an, at times, interactive discussion with himself.

Would I recommend this title? For me, it fits along the lines of what Rose Publishing releases or you find in the aisle of your local Christian bookstore. That said, decide for yourself. It’s not my cup of tea, but for many Christian believers out there, it’s the perfect read for the Passover season…Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.