“Date Your Wife” by Justin Buzzard

When is the last time you dated your wife?

If you couldn’t tell already, this book is written for me. There is no prohibition to wives reading this book, but it has the husband in mind. In this text, Buzzard discusses what marriage is all about…

How do marriages go wrong?
How do marriages go right?
What is the causation of both of these scenarios?
What can we do to have our marriage go right?
How do we live our dream marriage, and essentially, date our wife once again?

There are a lot of marriage books out there. An overwhelming majority of them focus on religious perfection: how we, as men, continue to miss the mark in practically every way. We learn what we need to do, in a religious sense, to earn or “save” our marriage. Buzzard’s work is contrary to this concept. Rather, Buzzard teaches a gospel approach to marriage. It isn’t about working hard at it. It isn’t about acceptance. It isn’t about approval. It isn’t about performance. So what is it about, then?

A gospel marriage is based off grace.
A gospel marriage shows that we have all that we need.
A gospel marriage is focused in Christ, not the wife.
A gospel marriage relies on us being loved by Christ, and loving our wives with that love.

How do we accomplish this? We stop looking to our wives to satisfy us, complete us, and fulfill us. It’s idolatry, allowing them to replace Christ in our lives. Since we so greatly fear rejection from our wives, we fail to man up. But if we get everything we need from Y’shua (acceptance, love, grace, encouragement), we can man up regardless of our wife’s standing on it. Y’shua gives to us, and we give to them. That’s the correct cycle.

Marriage can be made new. That’s the idea with a gospel-focused marriage. We learn to date our wives yet again. Our marriage was founded based off our first date, not our wedding night, so it makes sense that we ought to relive it.

Buzzard’s work is brief and to the point. There’s no need for another lengthy treatise in this overdone category in Christian living. The text is written in a narrative that flows, easily guiding the reader to become engrossed in the material. Using personal anecdotes paired with simple truths and biblical guidance, Buzzard shares the importance of fully loving your wife to a captive audience. In a fashion, the work is poetic – a much needed read for husbands of every type, especially me and you.

Wives, please do us a favor with this book. Stay away! Leave it on the coffee table, the couch, under the TV remotes, or wherever else we may come across it, but don’t open the pages. Allow the unknown to give us the power to take action. After all, we’re men, and we love taking action with a good mystery…

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