“Escaping the Cauldron” by Kristine McGuire

This book is about exposing the occult influences in everyday life.

One thing that I haven’t discussed much on this blog, if ever, was my brushes with the occult in my teenage years. In high school, I participated in wicca, casting spells, utilizing gemstones and crystals, etc. It was foolishness, but a hook that the devil definitely provides. It’s because of my past that when I saw this book available to review with GlassRoad PR, I was intrigued and wanted to participate in the book tour.

McGuire professes to be a former witch, medium, and ghost hunter. I can identify with this with my dabble in witchcraft, ESP, and the like. When I was involved in these dark arts, I knew that G-d existed and would try to talk, or negotiate, with Him. Luckily, He saved me from myself and showed me the wickedness of my ways. McGuire experienced this same grace in her deliverance. And from her deliverance has sprung forth this book that I find immensely enlightening, accurate, and helpful.

This book talks about the occult. It defines witchcraft, magick, meditation, divination, and the paranormal. It talks about angels and demons from an accurate stance, and helps Christians understand what stance to take on issues and what to do about situations. This book also goes over spiritual gifts and the dangers of dabbling. It includes, Harry Potter, the Twilight series, scary movies, Halloween, and spiritual warfare. It talks about salvation, and a particular favorite discussion point – yoga. This book has it all.

This book is immensely necessary for the Christian church, if for no other reason than the chapter on the Christian witch. I’m not calling for a witch hunt, but rather indicating the issue in church today: there are congregants that practice witchcraft and blend it with their interpretation of the Bible. I tried to do this myself. It comes down to one issue though: not recognizing the inerrancy of Scripture and ignoring what HaShem says about witchcraft. So this book is necessary not to hunt people out, but to help educate them on the issues, and prepare the church for the warfare behind the scenes that is bursting at the seams.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.