“Five Miles South of Peculiar” by Angela Hunt

This Christian fiction novella is the work of a New York Times bestselling author.

If the author’s name, Angela Hunt, hadn’t the correlation in mind, many a reader would pick it up by the taste and elegance of the text itself.

This book is about the Caldwell sisters, all three of them. Darlene Caldwell, grown up at Sycamores, Carlene, return from the Broadway glory, and Magnolia, the youngest, are all forced to view life’s destiny in the GPS, and see if theirs is truly the path they’re willing to take.

Hunt writes with an elegance that emanates Southern comfort and fashion. Simple and poetic, her style of prose is inviting to any a reader. Following the innermost thoughts of three elderly Southern women, Hunt guides the reader to bond with the characters as they come to life on the flipped pages.

There are authors that can’t write fiction, authors that try to write fiction, and authors that let the fiction seemingly write itself. Hunt is the latter of the types. Inviting and breathtaking, this tale lets the reader relax and be swept off their feet into a world found in the United States, but seemingly foreign in its simplicity and class.

This book is great for fans of Angela Hunt, or any other person who’s interested in a more relaxed Christian fiction read. That said, not everyone appreciates Southern sweet tea the way it’s meant to be enjoyed. And perhaps that’s why I find this book to be so excellent, but only in occasional readings, just as I wouldn’t drink sweet tea regularly but only as a relaxing splurge.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.