“Forever Friday” by Timothy Lewis

Forever Friday: A NovelForever Friday: A Novel by Timothy Lewis

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Forever Friday is a romance novel with a Christian perspective to match a work like Nicholas Sparks. If you are reading this review on my blog, SG Reviews, then you can view the trailer just prior to this review text. That’s right, a video trailer provided by the Publisher. If not, then continue on for the review and maybe (just maybe) head straight over to my blog to see the video to go with it…if you are still on the fence about whether or not to read this book.

When it comes to romance novels, there are two main categories, in my opinion. You have the traditional conservative style that involves courtship and sex only after marriage, and then you have the lust-based romance novels that have sex on every page. Even in the Christian realm of books, these two categories exist (but the sex may be things more dialed-down such as staring at the man’s body or, heaven forbid, holding his hand in public). While this last part is a bit in jest, the statement is generally true. Sparks has delivered works that tend to be the latter, in my opinion, so when I am told a book is like that of Nicholas Sparks, I do not hold much hope for a pure text. Then again, I’m not one to prefer romance novels in the first place.

It should be noted that this book is loosely based on a true story…the author’s great-aunt and uncle. The author himself notes at the end of the book that he discovered antique postcards in their estate sale, which birthed this tale. His great aunt received a love poem every Friday for sixty years, and the collection remained a secret until discovered some time later by Lewis. The disillusioned husband was actually a friend of Lewis that helped inspire a book to reach to those who have lost faith in love. Despite the connection to reality, however, all the poems in the book are penned by the author for a better literary effect.

The writing style that Lewis uses is fairly simple, but not immediately grabbing. I found myself not instantly drawn to the material, and overlooking much of the verbiage due to some general clunkiness. Otherwise, it is easy for a reader to flip several pages without noticing the time gone by. That, in my opinion, is a good mark for a good read: a book that passes the time without feeling the pressure of it.

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