“Forgive Me For Waiting So Long to Tell You This” by David Servant

Forgive Me for Waiting So Long to Tell You ThisForgive Me for Waiting So Long to Tell You This by David Servant

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I was asked to review this book for the family that published it. I appreciate independent publishers and new authors, as I have gone down that road and know how difficult it is.David Servant, while I have not met him personally, has put a lot of effort in the simple process of making this ebook available for download. It goes much farther than that, however, as Servant has opened up his heart and mind and shared the Gospel to his family and friends in this ebook. That’s a very hard thing to do – sharing Christ, especially to those that know you personally. I respect this, and while I can encourage Servant in his effort to do so, I know it is not comparable to the weight of any criticism he may receive, especially from those that do know him personally.

Chapter one begins with a modern version of the watchmaker’s tale. For those that haven’t heard it, it is a classic tale regarding finding a watch in the woods and comparing it to finding Earth in the galaxy. While the initial components to Servant’s tale seem quite outlandish, he does admit entire embellishments at the end. I was, at first, concerned that I was starting to read a cheesy tale for debate. Luckily, this concern was abated when Servant admitted the insanity of such an argument for a modern sense. Servant does use this to compare to the watch he has on his wrist, and that by seeing the watch, he knows there are individuals out there that made his watch. In this sense, so much someone be out there that made the world.

If you haven’t figured out the purpose of this book yet, it is a believer’s personal attempt at apologetics on a non-academic level. Bringing the argument to simple terms, and posing it to unbelievers instead of fellow believers, is a nontraditional approach (at least from what I’ve seen). Each chapter, and sometimes paragraphs one after another, are continuing arguments for the existence of G-d, and the belief in Him.

Simple stuff, right? What Servant has done is brave. Servant is an indy publisher (and author) in many considerations, so the incredible amount of bravery it took to do this is amazing. For those not versed with philosophy or apologetics, this may be quite the intellectual and beneficial read. In fact, it may be a good primer for the basics before getting involved in the more complex parts of apologetics that many authors present today…

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