“Frame 232” by Wil Mara

Frame 232Frame 232 by Wil Mara

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Frame 232, by Wil Mara, is surprisingly impressive. Mara begins the book by explaining the origin point of her fictional tale – one based in reality. We are taken back to the past, to President Kennedy’s assassination. We are given the possibility of the Babushka Lady, and then the fictional story of her potential life begins. Crossing generations of experience to her daughter, the secret of the babushka lady is revealed…that there was, in fact, another camera that recorded Kennedy’s brutal murder, and another person involved in the crime…

After having perused the book, I have to admit that it is engaging and entrancing. Reading this book has caused me to be interested in the subject matter and era, for sure. Mara’s writing style is welcoming and easy to follow, helping me understand the inner thoughts of the characters, as if I were actually there and participating. Mara accurately captures the human essence of self-reflection and actions, and does an excellent job at keeping the audience engaged with the storyline. The book is definitely worth the read. Here is a brief Q&A (three questions only, sorry!) with the author, provided by the publisher…

What inspired you to write a novel around the assassination of President John F. Kennedy?

I have always been fascinated by the assassination, which, obviously, was one of the most pivotal and enigmatic events in American history. And when I heard about the ‘Babushka Lady’—one of the few people in Dealey Plaza that day who remains unidentified—and the possibility that she may have filmed the shooting, an idea came to mind that seemed too good to disregard.

What have you learned about the real Babushka Lady?

She was wearing an overcoat, glasses, and a head scarf (i.e., a babushka), and was standing about thirty feet from the limousine when the president took the fatal shot. Most assassination experts believe she was also holding a camera—very possibly a film camera. If so, and if she had a reasonably steady hand, then she probably took the best moving images of the assassination; even better than the famed Zapruder film. Plus, she was standing opposite Zapruder, which afforded her a unique angle. And yet, we don’t know her name, and her film has never surfaced. And here’s the most important part about her in relation to Frame 232—she was a real person. I didn’t invent her to serve the story. If you do a Google search, you’ll find her.

What role does your Christian faith play in your writing?

It is embedded throughout this story, in a fashion both subtle and direct. I was raised Christian and have been a firm believer all my life, so my belief system is threaded into just about everything I do. Anyone who carries even the most fundamental faith will recognize the important elements in this book. The most obvious example belongs to the main character, who recurs throughout the series—he is suffering a deep crisis of faith, and the core of that crisis should be familiar to even the most devout follower. We are human, plain and simple, and as such we experience doubts about the Lord in our lifetime. So it won’t be hard for anyone to connect with him.

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