“Growing Up” by Robby Gallaty

Growing Up: How to Be a Disciple Who Makes DisciplesGrowing Up: How to Be a Disciple Who Makes Disciples by Robby Gallaty

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To get the best grasp of what this book is about, the opening verse of the introduction does it best:

The gospel came to you because it was heading to someone else. [G-d] never intended for your salvation to be an end, but a beginning.
This book is not just about learning how to be a disciple of Christ, but to be a disciple-maker and teach others to do the same. Robby Gallaty has quite the tale of when he first met David Platt, but his life in Christ did not stop there. Rather, that was the introduction to helping others hear the Gospel. This book has already been endorsed by a slew of heavy hitters in the Christian ministry realm, Ed Stetzer being simply one of many. When Robby first emailed me in October 2013 to review his book, I really had no idea who he was, but appreciated him reaching out to me an graciously accepted the offer. It took some time for me to catch up on my reviews, with 2013 being quite the busy year for me, but when I opened the ebook on my reading device, I found Gallaty’s words impacting.

Gallaty has a program called D-Groups in his church. These Discipleship Groups are in addition to small groups and Sunday worship, which means those involved are committing to discipleship-making in addition to their other involvements in the church. Back when Gallaty started as Lead Pastor at his church in 2008, the church had a handful of people meeting for D-Groups. Gallaty expects that, in 2014, D-Groups will expand to include thousands involved. This simple fact blows my mind. All of this was accomplished by using the techniques he covers in his book.

Gallaty is relatable. He connects with people, and I can attest to this firsthand. While my email communique with him to review his book was brief, it was from him and not a marketing team. Far too often my review contracts are with PR firms or Publishers. I have entered the foray of reviewing for smaller authors, thanks to my Amazon reviews, but Robby marks one of the first times a major writer contacted me directly. I don’t share this to boast or anything, but only to prove a point: Gallaty is the embodiment of his goals. He is naturally relatable and discipleship focused. Gallaty is one of the individuals that I will keep on my radar for some time to come, as he is sure to make a splash in the waves of theology books.

In all, Gallaty’s book is for everyone, not just a church leader. He gives practical tips to put in practice, and this book works great as a study aid to those currently in D-Groups.

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