“I, Saul” by Jerry Jenkins and James MacDonald

I, SaulI, Saul by Jerry B. Jenkins

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Both Jerry Jenkins and James MacDonald are names that stand out to me. I immediately recognize them, knowing quite well Jenkins’ work with the Left Behind series and MacDonald’s works that helped me finish my Bachelor of Religion. Seeing the two of them team up for a novel endeavor was to, well, novel of an idea to pass up.

Upon the first page, readers are engaged with Jenkins’ specialty in the fictional framework. It is easy to jump into the world that Augustine finds himself in as a Bible scholar. The characters are framed nicely, and it as the reminiscence of his end-times thrillers with being thrust into an already-developing plot.

It doesn’t take long until one sees MacDonald’s art at play. His slights at biblical history humor the theology graduate in me, but also reminds me that not everyone will “get it” right away, which explains his revisits to further indulge less aware readers. What feels like an authentic experience traveling back to the time of Saul has to be attributed to MacDonald’s serious theological endeavors in the past as well.

Seeing the two authors put together seemed promising. Reading them together proved interesting. All in all, though, the book doesn’t have enough of a kickstart to get most readers fired up. It takes a slower start, for certain, but one that builds on the story for a worthy reason. At the end of the day, or read in this case, the book is written so that any type of reader can enjoy it, be the person an advanced reader or not, theologian or quite the opposite.

For fictional flare, I suppose that it suits many individuals quite well, even if it didn’t keep my interest for long. I give it four stars because it’s a solid work and effort, but is missing the final touch to keep some, like myself, engaged enough to crave finishing the book.

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