“Leading the Way Through Daniel” by Michael Youssef

Youssef is at it again with his Ph.D and Bible commentaries.

I just reviewed his commentary on Ephesians. This book’s commentary obviously focuses on Daniel instead, but specifically here is what is covered (from 1:1 to 12, of course):

  1. Indelible Identity.
  2. Challenging the status quo.
  3. G-d’s Rewards.
  4. Overcoming fear.
  5. Praise.
  6. Pressure and Temptation.
  7. Fiery Furnace.
  8. Healing & Change.
  9. Writing on the wall.
  10. Beacons of light.
  11. Den of death.
  12. Dreaming.
  13. How to pray.
  14. Fulfilled promises.
  15. Spiritual war.
  16. End times.

Like last time, Youssef explains the book, shares personal anecdotes, and applies the content of the Bible to believers today. This, in and of itself, is not the traditional format for commentaries. Rather, commentaries tend to focus on what the Scripture is saying, commenting on how it should be interpreted and applied in context of the rest of the text. In Youssef’s case, his writing is more like a Sunday sermon (like Ephesians), focusing on what the text means to believers today and how to transform our lives based off what the Bible says.

Again, written with an intentional complexity and wordy to clarify the point, Youssef’s writing is attractive at first glance, feeling “scholarly,” but also unnecessarily clarified. For those who need a narrative on Scripture and its application today, this book fits right in the fold. But for those looking for a more traditional commentary, keep on looking.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.