“Leading the Way Through Ephesians” by Michael Youssef

This book is considered a devotional commentary for everyone.

This book is designed to be the footer commentary, or perhaps more robust and intense, for the book of Ephesians. Starting at 1:1 and ending at 6:24, this commentary covers the following topics:

  1. The riches of Christ.
  2. We have everything we need.
  3. Our citizenship in heaven.
  4. HaShem’s perspective on life.
  5. The unity of the Trinity.
  6. The gifts of the Spirit.
  7. The old and the new.
  8. Darkness to light.
  9. Spiritual detox.
  10. Marriage.
  11. Raising children.
  12. The workplace.
  13. Life in general.
  14. Prayer.

Starting off with an explanation behind Ephesians and its application to all believers, not just those in Ephesus, each section begins with a personal anecdote, reviewing the text and context of the Scripture to be discussed, providing definitions to terminology, and applying the Scripture to our lives – not just by what it means, but also by what it means to each individual (including ourselves) today.

The book of Ephesians is about HaShem’s glory, and is considered the Christian “checkbook” of the New Testament. Thus, each chapter revolves around this general personal application and check-writing ability.

In general, the author’s approach in his writing technique is particularly stylized to seem scholarly yet plain. Reading through the chapters felt very much like a Sunday sermon by a traditional baptist pastor. So what does this mean? If you like baptist pastors, you will enjoy the author’s tone and theological spin. If you don’t, then perhaps F.F. Bruce will better suit you. Either way, this commentary is more loaded on the comments than the reference when compared to other modern scholarly writings. It matches the title quite well, leading the way rather than allowing self-discovery. This may work great for many individuals, but my tastes are better suited to surprise trails rather than paved highways…Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.