“Live Second” by Doug Bender

This daily reader includes not only daily readings for encouragement, but also sectional reviews to help keep you on track and going on making yourself second in your life.

I like the way that daily devotionals are going with embracing technology. This devotional is on that path. Once you open to the first page, there is a QR code to load up a video that accompanies the reading for the day. Followed with discussion questions for a group chat or individual reflection, the reading then provides a Scripture reading with a highlight on a particular verse (or verses). The rest of it is simply more questions to ask oneself about. But that’s just how one of the readings works. Each reading has its own variation (as in not every one, unfortunately, as the nifty QR code – typically only the “weekly introductions” offer this).

Is this a devotion I recommend? I can’t really give a thumbs up or a thumbs down. With devotions, it’s more of a personal preference to guide oneself with. My personal preference is not for this devotion, mainly because it doesn’t “speak to me” in the way that it might for others. This devotion fits better with a teenage crowd that’s hip on QR codes and social videos. For me, however, it lacks a bit on the depth for its effort to be cool. Great idea, but limited audience.


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