“Moms Raising Sons to Be Men” by Rhonda Stoppe

Being a mom can be tough.

Stoppe insists that no mom is ever alone in the process of raising her sons to be men. Whether it’s another mom, or HaShem, there is always a support system available. In fact, it’s G-d Himself that has chosen parents for their children, as it were. Establishing that it is your place in history that you are destined to serve is important, as raising children is the greatest accomplishment anyone could ever achieve. It requires changing motives from selfish personal dreams to motives that matter, realizing that every action has far-reaching consequences, and learning how to teach our children how to think intelligently.

Stoppe provides all of that just as an introduction, and takes readers to father steps with learning how to parent without regret, help impart the image of manhood, and learn independence. Masculinity and independence isn’t enough, though. Men also need to learn to listen to their heart and be intimate, and never lose focus of their goals.

Being a parent of two boys, I have to admit that the challenges are hard already, with my eldest only just entering preschool. What boys have to face in the process of growing up is intense, and every parent needs every tool available to help accomplish raising their children successfully: for them to be grown, mature, passionate men who love and serve G-d. As a result of my personal life and experiences thus far, I get excited when there are new books out there to help parents learn to be better parents, especially when they accurately grasp what it means to be a man. Being a father and having challenges tells me one thing: it must be even tougher for moms, having not had the personal experiences of growing masculinity.

With that in mind, I’m grateful that this book is available to moms, and believe the content is good content to help moms learn how to teach their sons to be men, and not lose heart (or hope) in the process.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.