“Mother of Pearl” by Kellie Coates Gilbert

From the Pacific Northwest to Dallas, and from legal investigations to writing, this book challenges parents in an emotional ride of Christian fiction.

Gilbert tells the tale of Barrie Graeber, wife and mother of two. As a high school counselor in her community, her job is well-respected by all, except perhaps the football coach. Playing the role of nemesis, it seems all that matters to the coach is winning at all costs. But what are the wins, and what are the costs? As the title would suggest, the book follows the first-person experiences of Barrie, particularly regarding her role as the mother of Pearl, her teenage daughter. Once a standing beacon of responsibility, a recent betrayal threatens the foundations of Pearl’s maturity, character, and the relationship Barrie shares with her. This roller coaster whirlwind will have readers gripping their seats while they witness the best, and the worst, that life can offer for children.

Gilbert presents the story in a smooth fashion, her writing style eloquent yet simple, guiding the reader along. Following the goal that most authors have, Gilbert’s writing allows the reader to depart from the concept of reading, and experience the emotions, events, and even the environment in which Barrie lives. From the counselor office to the football field, the home-cooked dinners to the courtroom, Gilbert’s words illuminate a tale more vivid and interactive that most television shows, all with a Christian theme of hope and recovery in the background. Parents and avid fiction readers will find this book transforming and motivating, worth the read.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.