“My Time with Grandma Bible Storybook” by Phil Smouse

My Time with Grandma Bible StorybookMy Time with Grandma Bible Storybook by Phil A Smouse

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Available in hardcover with full-size pictures on a double-spread, this short book is perfect for child devotions, stylized for times with Grandma. With a simple heading and related illustration, Grandma (or other adult of choice) reads the two to three paragraphs talking about the focus verse in paraphrase format. There is an included “love note” from Grandma and a “love note” from HaShem as well, which also allows this book to be given as a gift from Grandma to a child if preferred.

This book is a perfect reader book for young children and excellent for those in Kindergarten and first grade. With a quality message and positive voice, this book is excellent for children. Having read through the pages, I personally love the imagery displayed and the messages given to the children, the love note from HaShem being a Bible verse of hope. I believe this book is perfect for my children, and give it high praise for that. Being priced around $15 MSRP isn’t too bad of a deal, either, and one I’d personally consider for gift-giving.

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