“NIV Integrated Study Bible” by John R. Kohlenberger

Integrated Study Bible-NIVIntegrated Study Bible-NIV by John R. Kohlenberger III

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Taking a look through the Study Bible, I like the format a lot. It is simplified for easy reading. There is no commentary on the pages, but the top of the page gives a brief statement on where we are in the timeline of the Bible, and the bottom of the page shows the approximate year we are in, as well as main characters in play during that timeframe.

While reading through passages, I can see some parts where other books are included due to them being the same chronological time. This, in its own regard, gives a suggestion for debate on the authorship of Chronicles. Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy are all side-by-side when covering the same topic, so it’s easy to see the differences for comparison. There is no pre-article on the books or authors, however.

Overall, I would have liked to see commentary provided with more detailed information with the side-by-side scripture, but this book is designed to be more of a “read” than a study. In this regard, I believe it accomplished the goal it sought out to meet. I even appreciate the throwback design on the cover. Very simplistic and appreciative.

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