“Prototype” by Jonathan Martin

This review includes a Q & A with the author and an excerpt from chapter one for SG readers, so be sure to take advantage of these exclusive features provided by the publisher!

It would be easy to include the bonus content and give this book a five-star rating “just because.” After all, as indicated in the Legal section of this site, SG often receives advanced reviewer copies or a complimentary copy of the book to provide the review. It’s not a payment for a good review, however, and I feel that’s a necessary reminder. SG has promised that every review shall be authentic and true. In the past, that has gotten me heat over 1 or 2 star reviews. After all, people want books to do well. But sometimes they shouldn’t. Is that the case for this book? I wouldn’t think so…

If the average Amazon score is an indicator, then this book is hot stuff. And why shouldn’t it be? After all, people are lost in the sea of social networking…lost in the sea of unrequited love…lost in the sea of missing identity. This book doesn’t promise to give one identity, but it does give the reader a stunning realization: Y’shua is our prototype. Martin intends his book to unlock the understanding of loving, and being loved by, G-d.

So how is Martin’s writing? Is it worth the read? Martin writes in a way that reminds me of John Eldredge. His writing is simplistically beautiful, guiding the reader to understand his intent by sharing his own personal anecdotes. It’s hard not to picture the boy on a bike experience as Martin shares his personal connecting with the living G-d. Those who want the allure of fiction but the grounding of reality will find this an enjoyable read. But then again, don’t take my word as the sole word…see the other reviews and check out this exclusive content provided by the publisher:

Prototype Chapter One Excerpt – Click this link to read chapter one and get a feel for the writing.

Prototype Q&A with the Author – Click this link to see what Jonathan Martin has to say about his book.

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