“Question Everything” by Tyler Ellis

Question Everything: A Fresh Way to Read the Best-Selling Book of All Time


At over 900 pages in length, this book is immense.

Tyler Ellis reached out to me, personally, to review his work. One disadvantage, at this point, is reviewing such a large title on an e-book, especially since it is a study format book. If anyone were to accomplish it, however, Ellis would be on that list. Ellis serves on staff with Newark Church of Christ as a Campus Minister at the University of Delaware. He’s also an advocate in the cause of ending Bible poverty. As a result, he has the passion and the resources for such an undertaking.

Ellis reviews the New Testament, book by book, with an analytical mind. He looks to the Scripture itself for the answers to questions commonly brought up, such as what would Jesus do and who was the mother of Jesus. Ellis asserts that by reading the Bible word for word, we can find the answers to our questions within the text itself. It seems logical, and well said. The text begins with questions, including questioning why the text is important, which fits the title of the book. It then goes to answer those questions with the verses that affect them.

Overall, this book is intense. It has the answers. Is it correct? That’s a good question. The Bible can easily be misinterpreted, but I’ll leave that determination up to you. Do I recommend the title? For those who have questions about the Bible, this is an excellent resource to have. It can also hold up a crooked table, given it’s size. But for less than $30, it’s worth checking out.

And before I forget, here’s a video that Ellis made to promote his book:

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