“Ready, Set, Grow!” by Scott Wilson

Ready, Set Grow!Ready, Set Grow! by Scott Wilson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book covers three basic conversations: “get ready,” “get set,” and “grow.” In addition to the conversation points covered in the book, the author provides content to help as well, such as “lessons learned the first year,” second year, and third year. Yes, that is right: the three conversations are intended to be a three year transformational process for a church. But given the conversations, it would be easy to understand why three years is needed:

Conversation 1: How to become models that others would want to follow.
Conversation 2: How to select the right people to invest in and equip them for service effectively.
Conversation 3: How to build a third generation of leaders and change the culture to make this a core value.

Thus, Wilson pours out his plan and experiences in his book on the subsequent pages. While looking into the book, this review is not going to be on the material presented. I am not a current church leader. I do not have a small group or attend any particular church regularly. So, in my current role, I do not feel I can adequately test and measure the concepts given in the book. Plus, that would be a review three years in the making. Instead, this review is focused on Wilson and his writing style.

Wilson writes in such a fashion that one can tell that he is an approachable Senior Pastor. He writes conversationally and openly, sharing details of his life with the intent of using them for examples in our own lives. He writes of his own experiences to help the reader come to the resolution that Wilson intends. His writing is explanatory as well, albeit at some times wordy. Overall, Wilson writes well and I would be intrigued by his other books. In fact, if his sermons are as engaging as his writing, maybe I should start telechurching (if that could be a new word, otherwise it is telecommuting to church).

Overall, check out the book if you are in church leadership. Or buy it for your pastor if your church has struggles with growth. I would like to see this part of the academic readings assigned for those learning about Church Administration in Seminary.

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