“Reasons for Belief” by Norman Geisler

Reasons for Belief: Easy-To-Understand Answers to 10 Essential QuestionsReasons for Belief: Easy-To-Understand Answers to 10 Essential Questions by Norman L. Geisler

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This book is written to be easy to understand and provide simple answers to what Geisler considers to be ten essential questions to life. This book, in its essence, it a book of Christian apologetics, starting with why are you a Christian?. From this springboard, Geisler then challenges the issue of absolute truth versus relative truth. Chapters three and four bring up the modern belief that G-d does not exist. After issuing a verdict that G-d does, in fact, exist, we have the issue of G-d or gods. Which exists? Which one is correct? At this point, do miracles happen? What about today?

That’s all “starter” stuff to consider. This is where it gets more sticky. Chapter seven brings in the issues regarding provenance and reliability of Scripture. One statement mentioned is the NT’s errors make it unreliable and more like a collection of myths and legends.. Continuing from Geisler’s address of this, is Jesus G-d? Did He ever claim to be G-d? Did He ever prove it?

Geisler does bring in additional points to address, such as how to get to G-d and what the evidences provided in the book mean to the reader, but I suppose this will treat reader just the same as other books in apologetics. What is good to understand before reading this book, however, is that it is not written to address the pagan. This book is written toward the Christian believer as a guide, or a means, to help them defend themselves, and in turn, their beliefs, against attack from others. Each question in each chapter is designed to transition the introductory question to the believer from “why are you a Christian?” to a final address from the believer, “now that you know G-d is the only way, what are you going to do about it?”. Geisler is known for his biblical endeavors in the scholastic community, and is a staple reading for introductions at Liberty University.

Geisler’s goal is a noble and appropriate one. Too many Christians are ill-equipped to answer a line of questioning. This book isn’t going to convince you that Jesus is G-d. You either will or will not of your own free will and understanding. This book is only to help foster the conversation, to help Christians understand that being questioned about their faith isn’t an attack, but rather an honest inquiry. This takes the battlefield from the defensive of why to the offensive of here’s specifically why. That is something I can get behind.

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