[Audiobook] “Something Fierce” by Carmen Aguirre

This audiobook is narrated by the author.

Carmen Aguirre grew up in a broken family. This one, though, was broken more so than most. While her parents split when she and her sister were younger, her mother eventually ended up taking care of the girls with her new husband, Bob, who introduced them to the revolutionary lifestyle. And thus, Aguirre, as the book cover suggests, became the daughter of a revolutionary.

Aguirre’s narrative of life is quite descriptive and detailed, down to the exact position her mother sat while smoking a cigarette before their departure into the revolutionary lifestyle. Such descriptive terms indicate not only an excellent attempt at imagery for writing, but also an imprinted detailed memory of what life was like before venturing into a lifestyle of danger, and how dangerous this “danger” really was.

Aguirre’s narration of this narrative is much appreciated – putting effort into her own audio book edition. However, as a result, the audio is not as fine-tuned or, as one could say, skilled. The audio sounds quite mechanic and forced at times, speaking at a rather quick pace. Similar to the text-to-speech function on most computer platforms, the voice is naturally monotone while attempts at varied intonation are barely recognized.

The sacrifice in audio performance (at times) is more than matched by the honesty and reality presented by Aguirre’s narration. Although it doesn’t feel natural to listen to, the topic is additionally not one naturally addressed. Those interested in memoirs and history will find this audiobook suits their taste quite nicely. Those that aren’t focused on those topics may do well to invest in a different audiobook title.

While the SG Store does offer the print edition of this title, be sure to check out Post Hypnotic Press for the audio edition.

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