“The Breakthrough” by Jerry Jenkins

The number one New York Times bestselling author has released yet another Precinct 11 novel…

Jenkins has performed an amazing task: the transformation of end-times thriller writing to crime thriller writing. Truth be told, he has done well. His prose is excellent, and his mastery of the written word commands inspiration and beckons imagination.

Returning to the life of Boone Drake, the book opens with Drake’s life back on track. But can it stay that way? Is it possible for a trouble-seeker to live peacefully, or must the next adventure be sought? This book brings this question to the reader, but also, as a thriller fiction, suggests that perhaps adventure doesn’t need to be sought at all…

Jenkins’ writing carries an easy flow for beginning readers, while at the same time forcing even the most versed to experience the action. It’s not crime time TV, but a crime novel to read. Further, Jenkins successfully integrates faith into the book, in such a way that it’s not the traditional Christian flick or book, but a read worth receiving popular awards, as well as being read by a wide array of audiences.

So, can Boon Drake figure everything out before it’s the last bell strikes?? It’s hard to tell, because time is running out. But here’s your chance to catch up on the action before it’s too late…by winning a free copy of the paperback edition of this book!

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