“The Christian Mama’s Guide to Parenting a Toddler” by Erin MacPherson

This review is a guest review, in its unedited entirety, by my number one fan and amazing wife, Tosha Esterman.

She spent a serious amount of time, and laughs, reading this book and implementing it to give you the best feedback she can, and it sounds like this book is a winner for every mom out there…

Through laughs and “Ah Ha” moments Erin lays the foundation to surviving everything your toddler throws your way. She discusses everything from discipline to food throwing to tantrums and how to lovingly teach your toddle boundaries. Using her own stories she explains how the bottom line of every situation needs to be all about teaching your toddle the love that Christ has for us. As I read I found myself humbled and inspired by Erin’s words.

It challenged me to take a step back and examine how I have been raising my two sons and how I have been responding to their behaviors. Erin’s words also gave me inspiration on how to implement the love of Christ in a variety of different situations that I have for so long struggled with knowing how to do. I also found myself encourage that I am not alone in tantrum city. Many times I laughed until I cried at the different situations that Erin herself had to endure during her kids terrible twos. Overall this book was nothing shy of a blessing to my life and I already plan on sharing it with the other moms that I know.

Hats off to you Erin, and thank you for giving us mamas a tool that has been much needed.


Tosha Esterman

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