“The Christian Mama’s Guide to the Grade School Years” by Erin Macpherson

Today’s book review is by Tosha Esterman, my lovely wife and a Christian Mama…

In The Christian Mama’s Guide to the Grade School Years, Erin Macpherson gives useful and relevant insight on how to raise successful children. She explains that our goal as Christian Mama’s is not to raise our children with the focus on worldly success, rather to raise them with a focus on Godly success instead.

With the help of her mother’s expertise on parenting, Erin lays the stepping stones on how to raise such children with what she calls the fifteen factors. Throughout the book Erin gives tips on how to implement the fifteen factors in your child’s every day. With the tips and scripture that Erin provides within each chapter I found myself inspired and encouraged on how to better raise my children with the focus on Godly success and how to nourish their God given talents.

With Erin’s simplistic to the point writing style I was able to take in all the concepts and tips she shared throughout this book. Although I did not find myself relating to the situations Erin shared, I did find myself encouraged by the words she wrote. Through every flip of the page I found useful and motivating tips on how to raise my own sons to be successful [G-dly] men.

I would recommend this book to any and every Mama who wants to lay a biblical strong and lasting foundation for their children. Erin gives such simple and to the point steps on how to do just that. I give this book two big thumbs up all the way!

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