“The Creation Answer Book” by Hank Hanegraaff

Have you ever wondered about the beginning of things? Where did we all come from? What purpose do we have? Sure, you could believe our forefathers were apes (literally so) and that life spawned off the backs of crystals, but why? Where’s the fun in that? Let’s say, suppose, G-d created everything. It seems more likely. But if we assume that clause, then a whole new set of questions arise. That’s where this book comes in.

Who made G-d?
How do we know G-d exists?
Did the universe emerge from nothing?
Could chance have created us?
Could G-d create a rock so big He couldn’t move it?

Okay, so that last one was a bit absurd, but it proves the point. We are questioning creatures. Lucky for us, Hanegraaff has studied and answered these questions, and others. He addresses dinosaurs, the problem of evil, evolution, and even the question of what happens at the end.

The questions are basic, and the answers are brief. Referencing Scripture and research, Hanegraaff delivers another “baby book” to help those looking into Christian apologetics. Suffice to say, he managed to make a small book help out in a big way, and did a good job with it. Like this review, and his other works, the material delivers quality and brevity for the busy reader.

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