“The End Times in Chronological Order” by Ron Rhodes

This book is the essential introduction to biblical prophecy. Although there is a lot of biblical prophecy that has already occurred, the part that grips believers and skeptics alike is what is to come: the end times.

This book begins with events that occur before the biblical Tribulation event, such as the rapture and the church being in heaven with Y’shua. It then progresses through the Tribulation years with the emergency of the Antichrist, martyrdom, and the ending of the Tribulation, leading to the millennial kingdom and the afterward eternal state.

The chapters are placed in chronological order, with each chapter focusing on its own time period. Within those chapters, events are ordered in a timeline function as well, with the beginning of each chapter listing the events to be covered. Essentially, the book is intended to be user-friendly, guiding people through the chronology of the end times as described in the Bible. The author does mention that some may disagree with the timeline presented, as it is taken from a literal perspective and theological inference, not following explicit dates (of which the Bible provides none).

Rhodes does a good analysis of the end times. Focusing on keeping to only what the Bible says, as the true guide and inspiration, Rhodes outlines what Scripture gives us as evidence or signs for upcoming prophecies. Well-cited and biblically-based, each chapter is clearly organized and, at times, seemingly over-cited, to provide material for both the theologian and the layperson to learn from and enjoy.

Reading this book, it brings a sense of importance to the future and diminishes the priorities of today (TV, social networking, etc.). Drawing readers in to the big picture, Rhodes does an excellent job uncovering the whole impact – not just a personal one.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.