“The Helavite War” by Theresa Snyder

The Helavite War (Star Traveler Series, #1)The Helavite War by Theresa Snyder

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I happen to know Theresa, the author, personally. I have done business with her quite a bit, and surprisingly, none of that business related to Scripted Genius or her works as an author. During the course of our conversations, I learned of her passion for writing. I had the opportunity to download this book during one of the free download days that she was able to provide. Thus, this review is not a traditional review. I was not provided a copy for reviewing purposes, but am reviewing it out of her request for me to read her book.

The style of prose used for this book has a feel of medieval times, despite the intergalactic part of it all. A simple yet poetic writing style, Snyder’s voice gives to be a narrator retelling the tale as if passed down from generation to generation. It rings similar of “there once was” and “once upon a time,” giving a classic feel to her recent works. Despite this feeling, I am occasionally caught up on the grammatical challenges that this style of prose presents. Nevertheless, I am sure this would be an entertaining read for many, despite it not being my personal flavor of fiction. In all, I would give this book 3.5 stars, erring on the higher end, as it is bound to be a favorite for many, if not one of mine.

It is hard to write a book and have it be successful, of this I can personally attest. Nevertheless, Snyder’s attempt in this book is much appreciated and lends trust that the voice only gets better with experience, as readers may discover if they continue in her series…

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