“The Jesus Life” by Stephen Smith

This book is about (re)discovering life and authenticity within Christianity.

What is the way that leads to life? That’s through Y’shua, right? It seems that perhaps many people have lost track of what that means, or at least Smith suggests it in this book. Here, he covers the path to rediscovering life, from losing it, to walking in the Way, to finding the Way, to living the life. Smith believes that many followers of Christ have lost something on the way toward heaven, being our lives. With this, the goal is to recover our lives and enjoy living a real life. He believes that this begins with mending our disobedience to G-d, and healing relationships, attitudes, finances, and past wounds, in addition to establishing a life purpose.

Why are so many Christians seemingly disgruntled? Why are they unhappy and unfulfilled? Is it the sin nature beckoning, or is it something else? In their pursuit of being free of sin, could they have entangled themselves in a different web? This book looks at our own mortality, and how we’ve strayed from the rest that Christ promised us. Then, it goes to looking at the myths that this world provides, as well as learning what Christ meant by a life that is full. Finally, it’ll look at eight practical, doable, ways to return life to us, of which all are found in the Bible.

Are you looking to live your life?

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