“The NIV Chronological Study Bible”

Chronological Study Bible-NIVChronological Study Bible-NIV by Thomas Nelson Publishers

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In my opinion, book reviews are the hardest when it comes to Bibles. When reviewing a traditional book, I can look to the voice of the author, the style of writing, ecetera, for determining how well a book is written. In regards to the Bible, however, when I am handed five different styles of the NIV, for example, there is no basic voice change in the writing, as it it still the same translation. Thus, when I review a Bible, I look to what makes that Bible unique, which is its styling. In this case, I am looking to how the publisher arranged the text (chronologically) and the overall feel of the book.

The publisher boasts these special features of the Bible:

NIV Language
Full-color Illustrations
Daily Life Notes
Transition Comments
Time Panels and Charts
Background Notes
Epoch Introductions
Scripture Passages Index
Topical Index and Glossary
In-text color maps

The hardback has the basic cover leaf. When removed, the hardback cover is revealed to be an older style, reminiscent of hotel rooms, thus most likely where the Signature Series feature is found. When the book is flipped open, however, it is definitely not a traditional Bible inside. At the top of the pages, readers find the page numbers, Epoch status, passage range, and date range. There are articles underneath about historical items, such as how bread was made during the time of the Judges. Scripture is in two-column fashion with a readable text line and footnotes for reference. Images to illustrate the text and bring it to life are artfully placed and appropriate. Maps and other articles of note are placed strategically as well. So, pretty much the features listed, but more artistic than initial thought.

This Bible is one that I could use, but not for personal reading enjoyment. Instead, I see this Bible as the type of Bible I would give as a gift to a pastor or to my grandparents. It carries the regal feeling of respect and wisdom to be passed down from generation to generation. Over all, this is one of the more luxurious Bibles I have come across, and am glad to add it to my collection for reference and family study time. Priced at nearly $50, I am sticker-shocked, but for the quality of the Bible, it seems to be a reasonable asking price as well.

Disclosure: I was contracted to write an honest review in exchange for a reviewer copy of the product. The opinions stated in this review are solely my own.

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