“The Noticer Returns” by Andy Andrews

The Noticer Returns: Sometimes You Find Perspective, and Sometimes Perspective Finds YouThe Noticer Returns: Sometimes You Find Perspective, and Sometimes Perspective Finds You by Andy Andrews

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Have you ever read The Noticer? I have, and reviewed it for the publisher back in 2009. I read it as a work of fiction, but also much more. While the tale is presented as a work of fiction and can be spotted within the fiction section for many vendors, it is a business book, travel guide, and much more. Andrews even admits that it does not easily fit into one category. While the tale is mostly fictional, it is riddled with truths and lessons to be learned. In this sense, more than any other, The Noticer could be considered a lengthy parable.

I mention this because Andrews has revisited this popular New York Times Bestseller, with The Noticer Returns. In the prologue, Andrews further reveals how much of himself is baked into the book into the protagonist, and how much Jones has impact him with the real world. It is with this that we are yet again thrust into the wonder of who Jones is, and if he is a work of fiction or a work of reality. Could Jones be Jesus, in a fashion? I have wondered this for years, but never took to seek the answer via Google or otherwise.

What do we know about Jones? We know he is old, even timeless in a way of consideration. We know that he is colorless. The white folk think he is white and so on down the line of skin colors. We know that he is either brilliant or crazy. He helps our protagonist “learn to fish,” in a manner of speaking, but also drives some businesspeople mad. He always knows where to be, and can appear and disappear at his own convenience. Jones has been around longer than some of the seniors in the community we meet in Andrews work.

In this second tale of Jones and the impacts he has, we find the same writing style of the author, and even go farther down the lives of his characters, by a few decades. Part of me finds the book irresistible, much like the original, but another part finds it to be much like theatrical sequels – not as good and close to ruining a good thing. I have and honest desire to know who Jones is, but at the same time, am afraid that if I find out it may ruin the magic of the character. It is with this that I fear finishing the book. I have lost characters before, as a reader, and felt like I actually lost someone. It has been years before I have connected like that, and certainly do not want it to happen again.

I think this sequel edition holds much promise, but this review is as-is, based off the beginning, and not the ending of the work. If one is interested in this book, read it for sure, but become invested in it. After all, there is just as much to learn from fiction as there is from non-fiction.

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